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"Ghanaians And The Issue Of An Official Local Language - the so-called National Language". 

Fellow Ghanaians, thank you for glancing up at the inverted commas above, which is the order of our argument in the programme in sight, the subject of which is our desperate quest for an official local language for our republic. As you probably know, the topic of calling for the establishment of a national language, in other words, an official local language, is not an entirely new formulation of the Ghana Citizens´ Confernce. It is a  proposition which other people have made over and over again. Therefore, this writing is intended as a reminder, as well as a question as to why the issue has until now been so neglected in our society.


In things competence, we may surely be prepared to measure ourselves to other people or a collective folk that has achieved success by having an official local language; the so-called national language through reasoning. The necessity for having or desiring to have a national language, we believe, the Ghanaian is in time furnished with knowledge to understand. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone of our ethnic groups could still be reluctant or even immaturely pretend not to understand the productive argument offered by the Ghana Citizens´ Conference as it struggles to focus on this issue. The example provided by various nations with national language, one believes, should interest all  Ghanaians to an extent, which can provide us with some useful conclusions as we embark on the subject ourselves.  


It should not be difficult for Ghanaians to accept the fact that every national language that we have known and continue to use - was naturally born from a tribal society. Because of this fact, it must be insulting to the Ghanaian intellect, conscience, and way of reasoning to question how a national language comes into existence in different societies. As competent as we are, we may never fail to appreciate some facts whenever we think and  reflect on the issue. The Ghana Citizens´ Conference assumes that everybody knows that a national language initially comes into existence when the statespeople, intellectuals, and the thinking public take a firm decision, then lean back mentally and develop the idea for the good of all the ethnic people within the boarders of a country.




Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for associating with this forum. We appreciate your official services to it. However, we cannot work any further until we have brought the following to your knowledge: the Ghana Citizens´ Conference On National Language could be different from all other forums that have concerned themselves with this issue. We are strongly insisting on a constant debate that will lead to the establishment of an official local language in our republic.    (1) We are of the opinion that Ghanaians need to discover themselves by having an official local language.    (2) We seek to argue that the society should no longer handle the proposition with a static mind.    (3) We strongly hold that if there is something that can bestow dignity on a people, it is an official local language.    (4) We strongly believe that for our political lives to function properly, a formal declaration of an official local language can contribute immensely.  



                                              " Yes We Can "

The above quotation now stands as statement of the century. It can be used to represent any people that have experienced bitter moments in attempts by certain groups to differentiate between those sections of the society which are capable and those which are not - come, aptitude for intellect is the matter.  We are confident and convinced that all able Ghanaians agree with the sentiments expressed in the following article:  

Article 1 of  Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed by UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan on 10 December 2004:  

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act toward one another in a spirit of brotherhood ". 



Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want a reason for a quest for an official local language, please consider the fact, that all human beings are endowed with conscience and the ability to reason. This is why people of other republics across the world, in order to be able to converse in a spirit of brotherhood, have installed an official local language. In the Ghanaian context, the question we ask is, who has imposed an order preventing us from enjoying the advantage of a national language? The former colonial King or Queen? The CIA? The SIS ? Certainly not!


We pay respects to Article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights not just because it is made to protect and honour humanity; we also take pride in it, because it was also endorsed by one of us. However a pride could have an impact. Kofi Annan´s achievement as a Ghanaian who succeeded in leading a high institution like the United Nations is not without a compelling urge to compare Kofi Annan´s country especially in terms of a national language, to the country of his successor, Ban Ki-Moon. It is difficult to see these individuals as equals, from intellectual point of view, and not to ask why South Korea has an official local language, whereas Ghana lags behind this respect. We are fortunate enough to experience Kofi Annan, one of us, standing equal to some of the significant personalities of this century. Can we then afford the associated mortification that comes with the fact that Ban Ki-Moon´s compatriots-today can be proud of their official local language, while Kofi Annan´s compatriots have nothing of the sort? Yet another quesion is: this is an official local language, can we afford to repel such a thing, which clearly encourages progress of societies? Here we stand before an Armageddon, the brink of making choice between good and bad  to the face of foremost meaning of the word, conscience. As at now, we may agree that a tribal society that is restructured to attain an official local language is more likely to progress than one without an official local language. Again, we believe that as Ghanaians, and being modern compatriots, we do need to get hold of anything that signals to us for  unity based reasoning. Thus, it must be unwise for us to feel the word Lingua Franca and its meaning blindly. The word Lingua Franca has left us no doubt, that a duty is on us to undertake a courage leading to dialogue competence needed to join the Lingua Franca group of societies.


We come here with high hopes for an official local language in Ghana. Because the Ghanaian sense of creativity, his intellectul competence, conscience, and pleasure in speaking the national languages which we have known and live with, can be good source of inspiration for us in believing that the Ghanaian will turn away from the reluctance toward the acquisition of an official local language in our republic.


Fellow citizens in Ghana! In Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, the US, no matter where in the world you may live. We trust that in terms of a Lingua Franca, you do have stronger arguments to offer than we do. Thus, the very thing we require of you is this: allow us to stand firm along with you in proclaiming that a republic must be structured on a Lingua Franca, for the burden is on us to let the intellect prevail over misguided tribal pride.


 Dear Sir or Madam, we will be most grateful to your officiating presence at our public events. We will be most grateful as well to any single cedi or cent you can afford in support of our publice events. Your contribution is essential to enable us integrate this program into the country´s national policies.


The program is due to be inaugurated in January 2013. Our Trust / Fundraising Agent in Ghana will be made known here as soon as the program is inaugurated






This is to inform the compatriots living in Ghana that we will like to organize demonstrations to the Castle in the near future. Anyone interested to take part in it can send us his or her email -address or telephonenumber in order for us to notify you on the date on which our demonstration is due to take place. Please notice too that our Website is still under construction  

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